Google tricks hidden within search bar

Google tricks hidden within search bar

There are neat games or features hidden inside nearly every product and service Google makes. But its Google’s search engine that holds most of these games, jokes and nifty features. There are almost too many to count, so we’ve rounded few our favorites to share with you.


If you search for “solitaire” you can play a round of the classic card game.

If you search for “tic tac toe” this will let you start up that game.

You can set it to play Easy, Medium, Impossible & Play against a friend or Google itself. For a real challenge, set the difficulty to “Impossible,” and try.

You can play a digital game of dreidel of holiday spirit by searching “play dreidel.”

Googling “flip a coin” might help in making the tough decision.

Googling “flip a coin” might help in making tough decision.

Search “askew” It will turn the page slightly…askew.

Search “what sound does a dog make” and you’ll get a “woof” sound — you can also try panda, cow, duck, and a few other animals.

When you type in “Festivus” you’ll see a pole pop up on the left side of the screen.

Search “fun facts” or “I’m feeling curious” . That’ll return a Snapple-cap-style piece of random information, which you can Ask another one too


Searching “zerg rush”

will unleash a torrent of O’s that gradually eat away at your results. This is a reference to a type of attack in the popular strategy game series “StarCraft.”

Search “do a barrel roll” will spin the results page a full 360 degrees. You can also search “Z or R twice”

Googling “Pacman” will allow you to play the interactive game.

Search for “spinner.” You can choose between an endlessly spinning fidget spinner or a “Wheel of Fortune” style number spinner.

Tool for musicians. Just type in “metronome,” then adjust the BPM for your piece of music.